Treatment is adjusted individually for each patient. The patient lays on a special bed and the tube of the hydro colon therapy machine is very gently and slowly inserted into the rectum. The patient is covered by towel or blanket to keep him warm and comfortable. The water flow of body temperature is slowly introduced to the tube and starts leaking into the colon. When the empty space in the colon begins to fill up, the patient might feel pressure in his stomach. The process is carefully monitored by pressure meter and a specialist. When the pressure elevates, the water flow stops. The water carrying the waste from the rectum is released. It flows through the tube to machine and into sewage. When all water and waste are out of the colon, the process is repeated with a new portion of clean water. This is done several times, and each time less waste stays in the colon, which allows water to travel further and clean blocked parts of colon. All treatment is done according to the patient´s comfort and can be terminated at any moment.